Thursday, August 17, 2017


These conditions are not fit for murderers. Lori Shem Tov is not a murderer. She is a Mother whose Children were taken from her by the state and given, full custody, to her ex, a drug addict and drug dealer whom Lori divorced to protect her Children. Lori protested the kidnapping of her Children with all her might. She protested and protested some more and in her blogs she revealed the corruption in Social Services and the blind eye to the corruption of the Courts. She "insulted" them - and has been in prison for 90 days - pre-trial.

Lori was accused of reporting to her lawyer that a pregnant woman was hit with pepper spray intended for another prisoner. The other prisoner's fetus died (7th month) and they refused to take her for an abortion, telling her that she could wait.The story got into the news and, rightfully, sickened the country.Lori was accused of telling her lawyer about this and they put her in solitary. Lori Shem Tov is one of the most extreme examples of Jews being punished for being moral Jews by the gov't of the state that presumes to call itself Israel - but certainly not the only one. It's the norm here.

נווה תרצה: תנאים תת אנושיים בבידוד והפרדה

Thursday, August 10, 2017


הויה אלהים שופט = 1067 = 68
 כל חי = בניו =


אלהים שופט = 1041 = 42 = לבי
 בלהה = יוכבד =


  יהושפט = 410 = ת"י = ית
 שופט באהבה = קדוש = דרור =

על כל סטודנט למשפטים לאמץ לו  דמות מבין שופטי ישראל ולאמר בלבו: עד כמה שאוכל אדמה לו
!ככתוב: חזק ואמץ


השופט = 400 = הנשמה
השופט הוא הנשמה של העם. על השופטים לדעת זאת ולזכור זאת תמיד שיראת השמים תהיה עליהם