Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Praise for Agnostics

Agnostics are my favorite people. They are not in the snarky, know-it-all, belligerent place of the atheists. But they're not buying any false beliefs either. They have the courage to say: I don't know and I'm not believing in anything until I know. I love the Agnostics. Used to be one.
I'd like to tell the Agnostics out there what I wish someone had told me to make my journey a lot shorter and easier.
Real religion will give you this: You will no longer have to live in reactive mode. You will be in a world in which you pro-act on the world because you have reached the level of Love, Compassion and Self-Control to be able to override the lower dictates that create lower worlds.
Don't settle for anything less.

The Reasons Why Most People Don't Realize They Are God
People do not realize that they are God because of two basic misunderstandings.
The first is that they do not understand the nature of miracles and superpowers. This is due mostly to ingratitude.

The second reason is the translations of Torah into other languages made it appear that God is speaking in the first person to the second person and sometimes about a third person and we have not yet grasped this: That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside Me; I am the LORD; and there is none else;  I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil; I am the LORD, that doeth all these things. – Yishayahu (Isaiah) 45 : 6-7.

The second reason, clearly, is related to the first.

Thich Nhat Hanh is right. You have been taught that walking on water is a miracle. Therefore, you think that walking on land is not.

You think that being able to heal a leper is a miracle. Therefore, you think that making a sad person smile or restoring hope in a heart in which it was dwindling is banality and a small thing.

You think that God is able to do anything God wants just by willing it. You do not realize that everything God wills to be God must find in the infinite infinities of its own Self and that doesn't happen easily.

As for God speaking in first, second and third persons: Do you not talk to yourself as though you were another all the while knowing full well that it is you talking, you listening and you clarifying the matter to yourself?

Do you not have levels of your consciousness on which matters are more clarified than on others?

Does your Heart not talk to your Head and vice versa?

Do you not talk to your Body as though it were other?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Scientists Have Found that Memories May be Passed Down Through Generations in Our DNA

These effects are very, very real. They color and shape our every perception. Any Ancestor we had who did not die at peace and with a clear conscience is acting through us trying to make amends. This is why we encounter strange, uncomfortable, painful and stressful situations that also seem non-sequitur to us.

To the extent that we have an Ancestor who is trying to gain moral equilibrium through us, we do not have free will. They are overriding our will and attracting experiences to us that they need to get straight with someone and find peace.

Our Families are those who are acting within the same ancestral framework as we, each on their own aspect of it.

Anyone we encounter in our lives with whom we have some kind of interaction that impels, compels or dispels or otherwise moves us and/or impresses us deeply is almost surely a descendant of someone with whom one of our ancestors had unfinished business.

Is that fair? Well, our very lives are the gift these people bequeathed to us. We are still living in their house, so to speak. So, they kinda determine the rules. Until...we become the Masters of the House. We do this by having compassion on our Ancestors who loved some, danced and sang some, joked and planned surprise parties some and also sinned some.

When we have Compassion on our Ancestors we become the Savior of our Families. This was the original and true meaning of Savior. The Hebrew word for Family is Mishpacha. You can hear that it contains the same letters as Mashiach. The descendant who reaches a high enough level of Compassion to forgive all of the sins of their antecedents is the Savior of their Ancestors.

The Hebrew word for Compassion is Rachamim. Wombs in Hebrew is Rechamim - same letters, slightly different spirit of pronunciation.
When we have Rachamim (Compassion) on our Ancestors, we flip time over because we are now taking our Ancestors into our Womb and rebuilding them. We have become our Ancestors' Mother and we restructure those Ancestors of ours who need to be morally reborn because they were less just and compassionate than we. We conceive, incubate and birth them again in our higher Compassion. (Guys can do this too, but Women obviously have a physical Womb and thus do it on a higher, more actual, less spiritual level).

The person who does this will not only put their Ancestors to rest, they will also change the nature of the whole world because they are acting on all of the interactions of all of those Ancestors and lifting them to a higher level. Also since our perceptions are shaped and colored by our Ancestors (we are using the eyes they bequeathed to us after all), we will interact differently with matter when we gaze on it from a higher level of Compassion and change the very structure of matter and the natural laws of the physical world.