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The law  against "insulting a public official" that the state which presumes to call itself Israel deploys against Jews who speak out against the trafficking of Jewish Children by the state is a law the state that has the audacity to call itself Israel retains on the books from the Ottoman Empire - the same Ottoman Empire that committed the Armenian Genocide. The Ottoman Empire morphed into the state called Turkey, which is committing Genocide against the Kurds and oppressing their own People horrifically.

Let that sink in.

 העלבת עובד ציבור

החוק האוסר "העלבת עובד ציבור" שהמדינה המעיזה לקרוא לעצמה ישראל מפעילה נגד יהודים המנסים להגן על ילדים יהודים שהמדינה סוחרת בהם, הוא חוק מהאימפריה העות'מנית - אותה אימפריה עות'מנית האשמה ברצח עם של הארמנים. האימפריה העות'מנית הפכה למדינה. היא אותה טורקיה הרוצחת שיטתית את העם הקורדי בימינו.

חשבו על זה רגע והפנימו.


 I wonder what would hurt less - to have been the victim of the worst atrocities of anti-Semitism in the diaspora, that would have broken my Body in relatively short order, or to have to watch the programme of Moral Genocide being perpetrated by the government that has the audacity to call itself Israel against the People of Israel over a period of three-and-a-half decades.

The following Post was blocked on all UN pages on FB.

The Reasons Why Benjamin Netanyahu Had the Audacity to Say that The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is a Joke

Mr. Natanyahu is well aware that the UN has intentionally, and repeated, one might say systematically, turned a blind eye to the systematic cultural Genocide of the Jewish People at the hands of the government of the state that presumes to call itself Israel.

Various and highly detailed Reports detailing the ongoing widespread removal of Jewish Children from their homes and being placed in institutions on pretexts of abuse, painstakingly prepared by Committees of experts, have been presented to the UN with requests to help our Children. The UN has done nothing to protect those Children.

Years ago, a Report prepared by the Ministry of Welfare clearly showed, by way of a town-by-town breakdown, that a full five percent of Jewish Children in the state that presumes to call itself Israel were removed from their homes (the second worst offender in the world is Britain, with 0.5%). The poorest towns were invariably from where most of the Children were removed, as one might expect.

The world now knows the purpose of systematic, widespread institutionalization in all colonizing countries – Systematic Cultural Genocide.

Here in the state that presumes to call itself Israel, the Jews are subjected to the most sophisticated, and devious, Programme of Cultural Genocide the world has ever seen. Who would believe that it is forbidden to be Israel, true Israel, in a state that calls itself Israel? Who would believe that our politicians who make so much ado about defending and protecting the Jews are the very ones who pose the most proximate danger to the Jews?
To make matters worse, the persecution of the "Palestinian people" (many, some say most, of whom are genetically Jewish as well) serves not only as a smokescreen that hides the Cultural Genocide of the Jews in the state that presumes to call itself Israel, it is one of the methods used to divest Jews of the MORAL basis of Judaism. By having Jews commit atrocities from a young age, by making us hate from infancy; we are divested of our loving and gentle Hearts, which we need to understand our Religion and our Culture correctly. The persecution of the "Palestinian people" further makes the Jews anathema in the eyes of the world. And so, no one sees what is happening to us here. Those who have been informed counter our pleas for help with: Well, look what "Israel" is doing to the Palestinians! They react with: Good for you! You deserve to suffer!

Mr. Tsvi Misinai and various researchers at the Hebrew University have conducted extensive research that shows that 80% of the "Palestinian people" are genetically Jewish. Some of them have told Mr. Misinai that they know they are Jews and wish to return to Judaism. The state that presumes to call itself Israel sends delegations of emissaries all over the world to find "lost Jews" (whose ancestry is often unclear), yet it systematically ignores the Jews against whom we are sent to make war who are in our own backyard. All requests to bring the "Palestinians" who want to return to Judaism home have been met with utter ignoring on the part of the government of the state that presumes to call itself Israel. Records show that the knowledge of the Jewish origins of the "Palestinians" has been known since the time of ben Gurion.
It should be stated that Mr. Misinai has stated clearly that helping the "Palestinians" who are genetically Jewish does not mean asking them to return to Judaism if they don't wish to.

Armies of "Rabbis" in the state that has the audacity to call itself Israel, who are salaried by the state and financed from abroad, emphasize the superstitions that have accrued to Judaism, which are excrescences that need be excised, while systematically de-emphasizing the MORAL Teachings of Judaism, which are the Heart and the Soul of Judaism and our True Tradition. They not only make a fetish of performing ritualistic minutiae, they invent more and more – crushing the Souls of Jewish Children under the fear of not performing some ritual correctly – so that they do not think about MORALITY.
In many "Jewish" "Orthodox" schools the Books of the Prophets, wherein are MORAL Teachings critical to our Moral development, are not taught at all. In many "Jewish" "Orthodox" schools the Pentateuch is not even taught! They are taught all sorts of ceremonies devised by the Rabbis over the centuries that busy their Minds and Bodies and keep them from the True Way. The Rabbis of today add to the burden with more "customs" they invented yesterday. Instead of Jews being taught to dedicate our Lives to healing the world, the state-sponsored "Rabbis" terrify the Children to think that something terrible will happen to them if they don't perform some ritual or ceremony correctly. This is state policy. This is what the "Rabbis" are receiving their salaries to do.

Part and parcel of this Programme of Cultural Genocide, is institutionalizing Jewish Children. The cruelty of it is immeasurable. Ripping Children out of homes in which they are loved and wanted en masse is a Programme of Trauma being carried out against the Jews in the state that presumes to call itself Israel. Some Jewish youngsters who were raised in institutions are then sent to war against "Palestinians" who may be genetically Jewish just like themselves, upon being released at age 18 – if they are still "fit" to be soldiers. Many Children who are "in care" emerge so broken they cannot even be used as cannon fodder.

The most Honorable (retired) Judge, Chana ben Ami, who was a District Court Judge in Jerusalem, and who founded the Family Court has stated publicly that falsified Reports are regularly served to the courts in "Israel" by the social workers. She said that she was told by a "child welfare officer" that they are required to produce *quotas* of Children for adoption. She has said publicly that she turned to her superiors and asked for help to stop this as she was appalled and shaken to her core to discover this. Judge ben Ami has said in various talks she has delivered that her requests for assistance did not meet with cooperation. In fact, the social workers have a letter on the webpage of their Association that shows that they asked then Minister of Justice, Tzipporah Livni, to "act against" Judge ben Ami. I do not know how that request was received. It would be instructive to ask Judge ben Ami and Mrs. Livni.

Mr. Yosef Silman, who was fired from being the Manager of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services (formerly called the Ministry of Welfare), stated publicly that he was fired because he saw that Children were unnecessarily being removed from their homes by social workers and he tried to bring the capacity of Children in institutions (owned by foreign interests) down to 80% from the required 100% capacity. He stated publicly that about half of the Children removed from their homes every year do not have to be, that they come from homes that can be bolstered financially and remediated because their problems stem from poverty.
Mr. Silman has also stated publicly that research, of which the social workers are aware, proves that institutionalized Children fare worse than Children who remain in even problematic homes. Knowing that, the social workers continued to remove Children from their homes apace.

The policy of the social workers is to remove Children to institutions that are *not* in the community of the Child and Family, often long bus rides away.

The current Minister of Social Affairs and Social Services, Mr. Haim Katz, is doing his best, in a non-cooperative political and financial environment, to ameliorate the situation. He is developing programs and providing funds for Children who need assistance to get the care they need in their communities, while living at home.
One of his predecessors who tried to "clean up" the Ministry of Welfare, Mrs. Ora Namir, met with such resistance that she quit her position and asked to be dispatched as Ambassador to China and Mongolia – for two consecutive terms.
Mr. Katz must be given support.

Finally, let it be stated that Activists for Justice, Jews who hold our Jewish MORAL Tradition dear, are systematically persecuted in the state that wants the world to think it is Israel and is defending Israel, even as they do everything to crush Israel.
It is beyond ironic and absurd, it is downright perverse, that the state that presumes to call itself Israel retains a law on the books form the Ottoman Empire, the empire that committed the Armenian Genocide, which makes it punishable by a 6-month jail term and a fine of some 14,000 NIS to "insult a public official". That law is used, in the main, against Jews in the state that presumes to call itself Israel who try to protect Jewish Children from Cultural Genocide and who have been manhandled by the dreaded police in this state. The law has been used against Muslims, but most of the victims of that law are Jews of conscience.

Please accept this as yet another plea from the Heart to help all those who are being persecuted in this awful entity – be they Jew or Muslim or any other creed or religion.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat

Lecture by Tsvi Yekhorin Misinai on "WHO are the 'Palestinians' and HOW to make peace with them"

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יום הזכרון

אהרן = 906 = רוקם = דבר קם
=  תקות = קם בצחוק = עלץ הרן

יום = 616 = התורה = דורות
=  את הדור = את חברה = את ההרה
=  צנעה את = עצמותי = אתה עצמי

זכרון = 933 = בשם א-ל = זכר עולם
 = עולם ברכה = רוקם גידי = דוד הוגה שם
=  אהרן שלום לכל אם ובת = 2931 = 933
 = רזי בן דוד = בן דוד דבר העתיקה הקדושה
= 1932 = 933 = החיים מכל דור

נרקום = 956 = ספר התורה = התורה שלדו
=  ספר יום = ספר דורות = חקר לב דורות
 = חקר לב התורה

תקיעה = 585 = השפר* = פרשה

ראו נא את הרשימה בשם שפר.

תרועה = 681 = אפם = סוד העצמות
=  סובב העצמות = לבלוב העצמות
=  לבלוב תורה = תורה לב לבו

ספר התורה הוא השלד אשר ירשנו מכל דור. הוא עצמותינו. עלינו להחיות את התורה ולרקום עליה בשר חי ממש. הבה נרקום עצמות, בשר גידים ודם להויה! כי זהו המקדש, וזאת עבודת אהרן כהן הראש! הבה נשמח את הנביא יחזקאל!



בעברית נכונה המילה "שופר" כתובה בחולם חסר כך: שׁ
כדי להגיע אל פנימיות התורה, עלינו להקפיד עד מאד באיות נכון. אנחנו מסתירים מעצמנו את אמת התורה. גלוי האמת הוא בדרך החלופים. לכן, עלינו לכתוב כל מלה באיות נכון כאשר אנחנו עושים חלופים. (היה עדיף לעשות כן בכל עת. אולם, זה מובן כי בינתיים יש עיתונות וכו')


קול = 136 = חזקיהו = אהיה חזק
= אהיה אנחנו = עלץ קהל = 1135
= 136 = כל כולל = כל כלול
= כל מועצת החכמות = כל הטבע
= יד כל כנסת ישראל = דוד כל כנסת ישראל
= מיד חסיד = מחסיד אוהב

שפר = 580 = פרש = עודך
= אני הוגה שר = הנאה הוגה שר
= מחשבות הכי גבוהות של האל
= 1579 = 580 = אשר עדה = אשר דעה
= דמיון הצדיקים = עצם הצדיקים
= עצרת הצדיקים = עצרת הצוחקים

קול השפר = 721 = קול פרשה
= כאן = חזון = בן חוה = החושבת
= שבת הוגה = גם את בן דוד
= משה רבנו ישעיהו בן דוד
= 1720 = 721 = בן דוד את משה רבנו

המצוה היא להגיע לרמת המחשבה של הויה בה הצדיקים עולים על דעתו ולשמוע את צחוק שרה כאשר היא יולדת אותם. זה קול הַשּׁ
ֹפָר אותו עלינו לשמוע. זאת המצוה האמתית. לשומע קול השפר האמתי כל יום הוא ראש השנה.


ראש השנה = 861 = בית המקדש

שנה = 355 = מחשבה = המשבח
=  יצר הכל = כל כפרה

מחשבות = 756 = נו"ן = כל עולם
=  עולמים = שמותי = שעשועי

כל האדם חושבים את המחשבות הכי טהורות
= 3409 = 412
=  כל עמך חושבים את המחשבות הכי טהורות
=  בתי = בקדשו = בית
=  אתם שמי השמים בארץ

המקדש = 449 = ילדתה = משה בארץ

ראש השנה = 861 = בית המקדש
 = אסף = לאלף = לחוזרים
=  נוה נשמתי = נשמתי הנאה
=  שרש הנאה = על העולמים
=  המקדש כל עמך חושבים את המחשבות הכי טהורות
= 3858 = 361
=  המקדש כל האדם חושבים את המחשבות הכי טהורות

חשיבות = 726 = כון = יודעים הויה
=  עלץ כהן = 1725 = 726
 = הקדושים נולדים = מולידים הקדושים

צדיקים = 814 = הגוף = צוחקים
=  צוחק עמך

חשיבות צדיקים = 1540 = 541 = ישראל
 = יודעים הצדיקים הויה
=  יודעים הצדיקים הקדושים
 = יודעים הצדיקים כל בית ישראל יחד
= 2539 = 541

מחשבות צדיקים = 1570 = 571
=  מלאך = לישראל = סובב ראש
 = אשר סובב = מחשבות הגוף
=  הגוף כל עולם = כל צדיקים בדרך

כונותינו = 548 = כונותי להויה = מחך
=  מח שר = יובלך

הבית השלישי = 1072 = 73 = עלץ כנסת ישראל
=  על שם כנסת ישראל = קרן חסד
=  חכמה = הנביאה

בנית את הבית השלישי = 1935 = 936 = שלום

על כל עם ישראל להשתדל לחשוב את המחשבות הכי טהורות והכי טובות. כלנו צריכים להשתדל עד מאד להגיע לרמה זאת. העיקר להשתדל. לנסות ולנסות שוב...ושוב. למשתדל/ת בכל מאֹדו/ה ההצלחה מֻבטחת. כאשר יהודי/ה מגיע/ה לרמת המחשבה הכי עליונה וטהורה, הוא/היא משפיע/ה על מחשבות כל עם ישראל בכל הדורות ומעלה אותן. לא משנה מה קורה בפוליטיקה או בכלכלה או בכל המתרחש בעולם. עלינו לְעַצֵּב את העולם כדמותנו, לטובה – ולא להניח לעֶצֶב להכתיב את התנהגותנו. כאשר יהודי/ה מגיע/ה לרמת המחשבה הכי עליונה, הכי טהורה, הכי טובה, הכי א-להית – הוא/היא יוצר/ת גוף טהור וקדוש לעולם וכל הצורות היותר נמוכות, הנובעות מהמחשבות היותר נמוכות שלו/ה, מתבטלות.

בברכות לשנה טובה לכל עם ישראל ולכל הבריאה – תחתמו ותכתבו

Sunday, September 25, 2016

VIDEO Message to the UN after Hearing in Court for "Insulting a Social Worker" 

Any Jew in Israel who has come face-to-face with the Israeli government is immeasurably more afraid of the government than of the Arabs.

There is no such thing as a government that persecutes another People that does not persecute its own People. The persecution of others is to the purposes of generating revenues, keeping their own population in a state of disabling, extreme fear and insecurity and to the purpose of creating a smokescreen that hides what is being done to those the government deems expendable for whatever reason: race, disability, poverty... The government of the state that presumes to call itself Israel, which persecuting the Jewish People is no exception.

There is now enough material on the subject of Child Trafficking of Jewish Children in the state that wants you to believe it's Israel on the net in English to bear out what I am saying is true.

I am taking my Life in my hands by saying this, quite literally. Two of my dear friends who spoke out about Child Trafficking in Israel died strange, untimely deaths and there were more that I know of, but was not in personal contact with them.

In reality, we Jewish Israelis are much more afraid of our gov't than of the Arabs, despite all of the terrorizing propaganda that seeks to make us fear and hate the Arabs.

This video is being sent to the UN as part of a joint Complaint filed by Israelis who have had their Children kidnapped and stolen and the Human Rights Activists who are talking about it who are being prosecuted for "insulting public officials". There are "public servants" in Israel who kidnap Children for profit under cover of the State. Sometimes, like in the case of the Child Welfare Officer who is complaining against me for "insulting her", they also abuse the Children over and above having been ripped out of their homes for their own amusement. Please come and speak to real Jews in the state that presumes to call Israel. We will tell you the truth. We are trying to get the truth out. For our efforts, we are being investigated and prosecuted by no less than the Office of Special Operations in Israel. Yes, Parents who have had their Children kidnapped and trafficked by the State of Israel and those of us who are trying to get the world out are being investigated by the same Office that investigates and prosecutes terrorists and investigates, but more often than not does not prosecute, the worst of organized criminals. Please help us. The government has passed legislation that allows them to take down posts on the internet. Journalists are being arrested, interrogated and sued. Activist parents are being subjected to all manners of persecution and prosecution.

The UN has received numerous reports about the Trafficking of Jewish Children in Israel. They received detailed Reports of hundreds of pages from professionals. In a communication with me some years ago, a UN representative told me that they are aware of the situation and fully apprised, but they cannot do anything because the wily gov't of the state that calls itself Israel, even as it persecutes Jews, including Jewish Children, signed the Convention on the Rights of a Child as a nominal supporter, but is not beholden to the terms of the Convention. So, the UN can do nothing when they contravene it.

VIDEO Message to the UN after Hearing in Court... by Doreen_Dotan>