Monday, September 5, 2016

Learn from the Rabbis to Your Peril

The Mind of Torah is delving into the depths of the Human Mind. The Heart of Torah is the delving into the depths of the Human Heart. The Soul of Torah is delving into the depths of the Human Soul.

The Rabbis have only gotten to the shallow end of the pool of stage one - trying to understand the Mind of Man.

They do not have the courage, the fortitude or the honesty to delve into the Heart of Man. If they did, their relationship to Women would be very, very different. They denigrate the Heart of man continuously, do not trust the Heart and are not seeing the Holiness and potential in the Human Heart. They are speaking from their own fear and lack of love.

They have only the vaguest idea what the Soul of Man is. We do not get to the Soul of Man unless we confront the Heart of Man and see the Holiness and Beauty therein.

You have a Mind. You have a Heart. You have a Soul. You are able to delve into them to the best of your individual abilities - which, I suspect, might be in excess of that of the Rabbis.

Learn from the Rabbis to your peril. They have no intentions for you to reach higher levels than the levels they are able to achieve - which means they don't love you much.