Monday, August 29, 2016


There is another world war that is being devised for this planet and it is picking up momentum.
War has never ended war. War has never brought peace.

Neither will it now. Not having been able to do away with war once and for all is not a matter of not yet having cool enough technology to have the final advantage. It is an ontological matter. War, and all negativity, corrupts matter, distortions natural law and makes them yet more amenable to be used as tools for violence.

I'll write that again. The nature of matter is made yet more amenable to war by using material for war. That is why war has never ended war, neither can it.

Whenever we interact with matter our intentions impact on it and change its nature - either elevating it to a higher level and purpose, or lowering it and making it more, well, stupid.
The metals of which weapons are made are electrically conducive. The laws of electromagnetism can be changed. They are not immutable laws. They are expressions of a particular range of *morality*. 

All human systems of law are based upon suppositions about how matter works. If it were not presumed that walls can hold us and instruments can harm us, none of the laws that are devised against us would have any meaning at all.

What is currently called "dark matter" teaches us that the low grade light in this world does not interact with everything. That is to say, no matter what weapon might be launched at "dark matter", it would have no effect be it material or energetic.

What I am saying to you is that the reality we live in is about to change such that matter will not respond in the expected ways for all of us. Some will find that they are living in a higher level of "natural laws" and the nature of matter has changed such that what is possible with it is very different and how it responds is not what we have come to expect. 

The real Land of Israel, the real Promised Land, is where the highest Laws of God are the Laws of the Land. It is not a geographical locus. It is not a place that can be made into a nation-state. It is a state of moral being. Those who will be happy living with the laws as they appear at the highest levels of Torah interpretation will be welcome there.

Those who cannot are going to remain here.