Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Dawning of the Revolutionary Government

Uploaded by SilverRedIndigo on Aug 31, 2011

The reason why I show the footage of the Israeli sky is to show that the synchronization of the will and vision of the Israelis has not only had an unprecedented impact on our Society. This synchronization is so powerful that it is determining changes in nature as well as on the Human level. That is to say, the entire planet is being changed - made more mild and gentle.

The visit from General Chan Bingde, Chief of the Chinese military, was a clear and undeniable message that the Israeli gov't will use foreign force against its own citizens - as does the master it is the running dogs for, America. We are not frightened by this, rather we are thoroughly disgusted and see it as yet more evidence that we cannot continue with the current structure of gov't.

The Revolutionary gov't has voted to boycott Tnuva and Shufersal first.

Strauss must also be boycotted because of their deal with Haier in China to monopolize the world's potable water supply.

I explained the matter in detail in my video:
The STRAUSS GROUP - Why a Worldwide Total Boycott is Essential

Ehud Barak's hosting Chan is part of Israel's overall plan to become part of a world order based on Chinese dictatorship. That is exactly what we, the entire world, have to prevent.

A number of groups have begun on FB to collect ideas for structuring society and business differently.

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