Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Freemen On The Land

If I told you that you can so connect with matter that you could disable any weapon at will simply by asking the material out of which it is constructed to decompose or simply not cooperate with any hand laid on it that was not laid on it in love, would you believe me?

Would you believe me if I told you that you can call on any creature on the Earth or the Sea to defend you from any wanton attack and that all of their various abilities would be at your service to help you?
Do you dare believe me?
Until we know this we can be invaded, occupied and enslaved. This is what we must know to be Freemen on the Land.
This is the Law of the Land and the Law of the Sea that the wizards of war made us forget.

All that we have to do to return to those abilities is to connect to the Ground of our Soul and our Bodies - our Ancestors - and have nothing but pure intentions for every Generation past, present and future.
Our Ancestors have become The Dust. Their Souls lie dormant in our "subconscious". We can reach the depths of our Souls and when we do, they return to Life and their collective power is conferred upon us in the present.
We become a bridge that connects every Generation and every level from the highest Heavens to the Abyss.
When we really know our Soul and our Bodies we connect with the depths of the Heavens, the depths of the Land and the Depths of the Seas and all that is therein. They are, in fact, all one and the same.

There are two moments that Adam has to master and be able to sustain both of those moments at once.
One is to be in the Land. That is, to understand and accept that we are buried deep within in always and to experience our Body as being one with the Land.
The other is to be on the Land. That is, to stand on the surface of the creation, touching it with the soles (Souls, soil) of our feet, but rising high above it.
If we haven't mastered either or only one of those moments we are subject to invasion, displacement and enslavement.

Know this - and be Free.