Thursday, February 26, 2015


Where, indeed, is the Justice?

I don't hate the Social Workers anymore. I see their extreme pain and my question is: How do We fix this? Yes, it is possible to reach that level of Compassion. We reach it when we look at ourselves without any blinders.
Of course the suffering of the Children and Parents occupies my Mind and my Heart. Of course it does. That should be understood without saying.
But I realize that it is a greater Moral-Spiritual challenge to help people who have done terrible evil than to help their victims, who arouse Compassion far more easily and widely.
I feel the same about business people who aren't doing business cleanly and equitably and I feel this way about politicians.
The Soul of someone who has caused a Mother to commit suicide is in immeasurably greater trouble than the Soul of the person who committed suicide. The same is true of someone who caused someone to be povertized and someone who caused another suffering.
When we look unflinchingly into our own History and face the suffering we have caused, we realize that those who cause suffering need Redemption desperately and we have no right to ask for the Compassion that we will not offer another.
When we look into our own Souls without excuses and without defense mechanisms, we see that those who outrage us most are those who have done what we have done - just on a larger or more extreme scale.
I'm not calling Evil anything other than what it is. I'm saying that the Evil have to be redeemed to - and that is the greatest Moral-Spiritual Challenge of all - and must be met for the Redemption of the Creation.
I know the reaction is: Let them go to hell!
The trouble is: We are One. If You consign them to hell, You go with them. And We All know it.
I also know that Time is not a vector of sequential events, as it appears in our pedestrian consciousness and that all of our Souls are on Trial NOW. At that level of understanding, we also see our essential Oneness. It's not just words or something I've read from others. I see it. And that is why I no longer scream condemnations at others. I know I condemn my Soul too thereby.
I want us ALL redeemed. All of us.

So, the answer to this question is: The Justice is hiding in his or her robes from Himself or Herself. When will You come forth?

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat