Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Increasing Militarization of the 
State of Israel

I remember when we first arrived in Israel (well over 30 years ago) and the Daughter of a friend came home from nursery school and began to march around the living room singing Tzva Haganah L'Yisrael (Israeli Defense Army). We were appalled. Absolutely appalled 
None of this will make sense to you until you understand that the State of Israel was founded as "the final solution" - that is, to break our moral backbone and, de facto, in breaking us of Jewish morality to divest us of being Jews.  Everything in Israel is deliberately designed to demoralize us: the fictive wars, the difficulty of making a living without cheating, and, worst of all, the distortion of our Tradition by the "Rabbis 
On a deeper level of understanding: The State of Israel is our final test. Only the very strongest and purest of us will remain morally Jewish in the midst of an entire society designed to break us of our morality 
Only those who pass this full on onslaught test of our moral strength are true Jews.