Sunday, August 6, 2017

Israeli State Prosecutor Assures Court:

In the course of the proceedings against me, the Prosecutor assured the court that the special cyber unit that works within the Office of the Israeli State Prosecutor was working tirelessly to "clean up the internet" of publication that expose corruption in the Israeli System, including that of Social Services, which has been reported to regularly engage in Child Trafficking not only by victims of the trafficking but by personages no less that the Most Honorable (Retired) Judge Chana ben Ami, who was a District Court Judge in Jerusalem before founding the Family Court and by Yosef Silman, former Head of the Office of Social Affairs and Social Services in Israel.

In her summation statement, the Prosecution mentioned most pointedly that the Israeli State Prosecutor's Office are deeply troubled by Reports of Corruption and Abuse in Israel issuing from sources outside of the country and outside of their current legal reach – but they are working hard at solving that problem.