Sunday, August 6, 2017


How did that make you feel?

How do you imagine it made my defense Attorney feel in court when this was said to her by the judge when my lawyer tried to object to both the Prosecution and the Judge working in tandem to get me to trip over my tongue?

My lawyer asked, and rightfully so: If I'm expected to just sit here and be quiet, what am I doing here?

Upon being told to sit down and be quiet, my lawyer exited the courtroom and came back a few minutes later with another, I think higher up, Attorney from the Public Defender's Office who sat and observed the proceedings for awhile.

Most (I do not know the exact percentages, but it is the overwhelming majority) of the Judges in Israel were promoted from the ranks of the State Prosecution.

A notable, and refreshing, exception is the most Honorable Supreme Court Justice Neal Hendel, who was served as a Public Defender in Brooklyn. But he's a rare, and most precious, bird; I assure you.

The Judge hearing my case was first a litigator for the Police. Subsequently, advancing in her career; she became Head of the Prosecutor's Office in the northern district.  Once a Prosecutor always a Prosecutor. It's a mind and, more importantly, an emotional set that has been carefully crafted by the System and is only overcome by the most adroit both mentally and emotionally.