Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Terrible Truth About the Avodah Zarah of the Talmud and What it Generates

The monetary system is a world of total unreality that has been overlayed over the natural world.
Think of the monumental concrete structures of megalopoli overlaid over the land under it.
That is what the money system has done to our natural consciousness.  When we realize this, we begin to break free.

I have to say this, although it hurts to say this and will shock most of the Jewish world: The provenance of the monetary system which overlays the natural world is the Talmud, which was overlayed over Torah. It it learning Torah - meaning TaNa"Kh that creates the natural world. The Talmud is a megalith layed over that prevents the mind and heart from touching Torah.
When we realize this, we realize the terrible truth of the avodah zara of the Talmud. It is only when we realize this and call out to HaShem to save us that we begin to return to the Torah of our Mothers, Fathers and the Prophets.

Do not be angry at the Jews for learning Talmud. But do not know what I am saying. They have been misled by their own Parents and Teachers for many generations - most of whom are likewise duped and misled. Even most of the Rabbis have been rendered virtually incapable of seeing through the massive structures in their minds and hearts engendered by the Talmud. Do not be angry with them. Have compassion for them. But, for God's sake and the sake of Humanity and the Creation, do not continue the error!