Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Light is the carrier of all information. In so far as we absorb information, cognate and feel as a result, grow in knowledge, assimilate information and undergo physiological changes (connections of neurons, the biochemical changes we experience when we focus on an issue and so on) we live like Plants.

More correctly, the Plant Kingdom, in all its glorious wonder and variations, is the physical manifestation of our cognition.

In the Western world, we have become so disconnected from our roots that there are those who do not believe that plants are aware or that they feel. They are manifestations of our consciousness.

Culture must never get so disconnected from its roots that we no longer experience ourselves as being rooted in the Ground of Being. If we do not know we are always in The Garden, if we do not experience ourselves as synthesizing our Bodies from the Light of Knowledge; we have overlaid too many layers of culture. Time to break up the concrete and smelt down the metal.