Thursday, November 17, 2016

The True Selection of the Holocaust

The most moral of the Jews did not sacrifice their principles in order to survive the Holocaust. Those who would not cooperate, would not turn other Jews in, would not bend to the distorted thinking that the Nazis wanted them to adopt perished in the Holocaust.

The Jews most likely to survive, and go on to prosper and attain prominent positions, were Jews like George Soros and Aaron Barak - Jews who were willing and able to do whatever was necessary, inwardly and outwardly, to survive.

Many of those Jews dissemble as humanitarians or liberals. There is a part of them that really wishes they were. However, the overriding part of their personality is racked in the throes of the Stockholm Syndrome.
These Jews, who are brilliant, ruthless and internally conflicted, wreak considerable societal havoc.

If the Jewish People are going to regain our Moral basis, we have to recognize this phenomenon, find healing those who are suffering from it and help world Jewry to understand the phenomenon of The Stockholm Syndrome among powerful survivors so that we may protect ourselves from their most devious, twisted and complicated influence.