Wednesday, February 8, 2017


The correct understanding of non-attachment is not denying or rejecting the Holiness of the material world and becoming "spiritual".
Quite the opposite. It is knowing that the Material World is the highest Heaven and relating to it as such - with gratitude and being protective of it.
The Material World is God's greatest achievement. A person who says they are "spiritual" is informing us that they are an ingrate who is out of control of both their Bodies and emotions.
We have to detach from how we think energy and matter act and interact.

In order to relate to the Material World with due respect and appreciation we have to give up our limited ideas about energy and material and their "laws" that we were taught by ingrates. That is what we must become non-attached to and non-limited by.

Instead of thinking of Fukushima as "leaking highly toxic radiation" we must think of it as providing high grade energy.
Instead of thinking about tremors in the Earth's lithosphere as "earthquakes", we should think of them as Earth's core quickening and throwing off the impacted, rigid surface - just as we must throw off the rigid, impacted ways we've been taught to think.
Instead of thinking of the magnetic polarity of Earth switching, we need to understand that Earth's moral polarity is switching to all Earth to become a better, more receptive and more reactive platform for Holiness.
Instead of thinking of the changes we are seeing as the 'Mandela effect' being cooked up at CERN, the devil's worshop; we should be grateful that time is presenting itself to us differently - more fluidly. Embrace that! All of the secrets of Redemption are in knowing Time more deeply.

The perfection of the Creation is Infinite Holy Matter - Ein Sof in actuality.
We are approaching that rapidly and the approach is accelerating. It is essential that we jettison all of the negative, limiting notions we have been taught about the physical world.

Whether we experience the coming changes as Heaven or hell is purely a matter of personal choice. The Redemption will not be held back for the sake of those who are unwilling to accept it. Most of Humanity is ready. The healthy will not be sacrificed for the sick.