Sunday, February 21, 2016

Next Time You're In Israel Be Sure To Pick Up a Custom-Made Suit

OK, I've calmed down enough from my last hearing in court to be able to say this.
My file has been stitched up. For the one count of insulting a public official of which I am accused, the State is asking for actual jail time.
No country that has a law that makes it illegal to criticize public workers, enabling them to hide all manners of horrors can be called Democratic. I am appalled and I am disgusted that such a law, taken from the Ottoman Empire, is on the books in the State of Israel.

I did not insult a public worker on a lark. I made a video encouraging people who had been abused by a Social Worker to speak up after receiving two such reports personally by the people who say it happened to them and reading yet a third account. Though these people did not know one another at the time, their stories are remarkably similar.

The original evidence was "lost". They have no evidence.
All they have is my admission that I made a video, but they do not have the *contents* of that video. They do not know if my confession is accurate or not. There is no corroborating evidence. There. Is. No. Corroborating. Evidence.

The State of Israel puts great emphasis on confession. Any State in which the determining factor of guilt is a confession will resort to torture at some point.
It is no surprise, then, that most recently, the State has hit the bottom of the moral barrel and has resorted to torturing minors. As is commonly known, confessions gotten out of people being tortured, or under duress, are of questionable truth at most.

Instead of corroborating evidence against me, my file contains quotes that were attributed to me that there is physical proof were not said by me.
The State Attorney who is signed on my file is one of the State Attorneys that have been mentioned in an expose that was on television concerning questionable preparations of very serious files.

I have sent the file to the Body in Israel that is attempting to investigate the State Attorney's Office. I say attempting because their efforts are being thwarted by the Head State Attorney. The Investigating Body is headed by a very decent and honest Judge (in retirement). They answered that they cannot investigate the file now because it is still under consideration. However, they asked me to resubmit the Request for Investigation at the culmination of the proceedings.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel