Tuesday, February 23, 2016

CHILD TRAFFICKING IN ISRAEL - The first few minutes of the expose are translated into English.

Breaking News: A former Head of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services Breaks Ranks and Tells the Truth about the Business of Trafficking Children in Israel.

There is no other word for it. It is Child Trafficking that involves thousands of Children every year. Most of the Children in institutions are there only because of remediable poverty. Why is the government not giving the money they are giving to institutions and foster families to the families from whom they take the children, whose only real problem is poverty?

We Parents and some of the Children who were in care have been saying for decades that elements in the State of Israel are trafficking Children. A support group for people harmed by Israeli Social Services on Facebook had 821 members as of yesterday. Any victim of SS in Israel on FB is one of the better off victims. Many are so broken they cannot even participate in on-line discussions.

Finally, two insiders have broken ranks and told the truth. The first was the Honorable Retired Judge Chana ben Ami, who founded the Family Court in Jerusalem and served on the District Court in Jerusalem.
Now Yossi Silman, a former Head of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, has found the courage to tell the truth too.

The woman with the short white hair is the Anthropologist Esther Herzog, who has been writing about this issue and helping Parents and Children who were trafficked for many years. She is also deeply concerned about the plight of Ethiopian Jews in Israel.