Monday, April 13, 2015



Just very recently I began to understand what Sovereignty really is, I mean really is.
I always thought of Sovereignty principally in its political and economic aspects. 

Recently, I began to look more deeply into what the House of David and the House of Shlomo really are, I mean what they really are.
And what I found there is Sovereignty. True Sovereignty. Righteous and Holy Sovereignty. Absolute Sovereignty. 
I found the chamber in the Palace wherein is The Throne and I found the Holy of Holies in The Temple.
Then I understood the real meaning of the Teaching: And may the Fear of God be upon You. 
And I understood that it is only insofar as we abrogate our Holy and Righteous and Absolute Sovereignty that subjection befalls us.
And so, in My capacity as Sovereign Absolute; so I remind You of Your Crown of Righteous and Holy and Absolute Sovereignty and may Your Realm be established forever.