Thursday, March 3, 2016


We Israelis woke to a new reality today.
After the broadcast of the documentary-expose "Capital Cases" (a translation of which is under way as I write this), this coming just a few days after the expose that revealed the Child Trafficking under cover of the Israeli establishment; the depth and breadth, if not yet all of the details of Israeli corruption has been made known and public.
No longer does the establishment have our trust. No longer does the establishment have our respect. No longer does the establishment have our faith. We have seen into the maw of their corruption and betrayal.
The State of Israel is now at a critical turning point. It can put the horrors of the past behind us and move into a brighter future. Or, it can insist upon its degeneracy and filth and, in so doing, prove our worst fears - that the State of Israel was established in order to destroy the last vestiges of Jewish morality and persecutes any and all who hold our Ancient Tradition dear mercilessly.
They will not succeed. So long as there is one Jew in the world, the Vision of our Holy Prophets, inspired by the God of Israel lives.