Thursday, March 10, 2016


If I had known there is a law on the books in Israel from the Ottoman Empire (founded in 1299 by Oghuz Turks) that outlaws insulting any government employee, that is punishable by up to six months in prison and a fine of well over 10,000 NIS; I would not have come here.
In truth, I never imagined that I would even have to be an outspoken critic of Child Trafficking in the State of Israel. Who could imagine such a thing?
Israel is not a Democracy. Israel is a dark, nasty and thoroughly corrupted rogue state that hides its abuses of its Jewish citizens behind the smokescreen of even grosser abuses of Palestinians.
Israel doesn't deserve educated, caring immigrants from democratic countries so long as this law is in force.
Every person considering immigration to this country needs to know that such a law exists and be aware of the danger you take upon yourself if you don't surrender your conscience when you get to Ben Gurion Airport.
After almost 35 years here I can confidently say that the State of Israel is the most terrible, heart rending, gut wrenching test of Jewish moral courage and strength that a Jew will ever be presented with. If you not up to being faced with either doing the hardest moral boot camp ever devised in the history of the Jewish People or giving up all of your social conscience and just keeping shut in the face of injustices like Child Trafficking of thousands of poor Children ever year, please don't come here.
Don't believe me? Will a former Manager of the Ministry of Welfare who blew the whistle convince you? See here:

Israel strictly for the very, very strong or those willing to ignore monumental and abysmal pain in order to keep their own little peace.