Monday, March 9, 2015

Why the World Is the Way it Is

It's high time we understood and we are sufficiently mature to be able to handle the truth.
Yes, there is a God and yes, God is all there is and yes, God can do everything - but over time. God is not the magician that we were taught God is as children Who can do anything by snapping "His" fingers (which is a strange idea because we are also taught that God doesn't have fingers(.

The truth of the matter is: We, God's Children, are born prematurely. All Humans are born as a very early stage in their development, as is known, because otherwise the head of the newborn would be too big to be born, as we have an incredibly large brain that will get even bigger.

Well, Sistas and Brothers, that is cosmically true. We are born prematurely and we have to develop in order to become fully Human and come into the full range of our abilities. The hearts that some people don't seem to have or the sight that some people don't seem to have or the hearing that some people don't seem to have are just that - those organs are undeveloped in them.

Moreover, in order to become fully mature we have to consciously will and direct our Moral development. Our moral development, over and above that which we inherit as the merits and demerits of our Ancestors, is almost totally under our full control and a matter of Supreme will to develop or not.

And that, Ya'll, is why there can be God in a world this imperfect.

The Hebrew proofs of what I said herein are in summarized
עולם עשיה = עולם תקון הנולד פג