Friday, June 12, 2015

The State of Israel: 
Neither Jewish Nor Democratic

Every morning I wake up and my heart sinks and I think: WHY, GOD, WHY are we Jews who are loyal to the morality expected of the Jews as written in our Holiest Books as well as the universal laws of morality, morally appalled and abysmally disappointed, as well as legally prosecuted and socially persecuted, in the "Jewish democratic state"?

How is a case pending against me in the "Jewish democratic state" for doing what I had to do as a Jew, to wit: warning the public about a dangerous person who was being cruel and sadistic to the most defenseless Children in Israel, those in state care, and defending their poor, weak and the broken Parents? How can I be being accused of a wrong-doing invoking a "law" from an invading, foreign enemy preventing "insulting" the corrupt? There is a wholly non-democratic law in Israel, kept on the books from the time of the Muslim Ottoman empire, making it punishable by 6 months in prison and a 14,000 NIS fine for insulting any public official. How can one carry out democracy without "insulting" corrupt officials? Any fair and true and reasonable critique is an "insult" to them. Moreover, unlike the civil law which does not consider saying or writing something slander if it is true, even if what is written is true about the public official, but they claim to be "insulted" it is against the law in Israel, which claims to be a Jewish, democratic state. That is a law from a barbaric Muslim invading culture that is kept on the books! How does Israel claim to be Jewish and democratic?!

How am I considered a criminal in the "Jewish democratic state" when I did what is demanded of me as a Jew and harmed no one in so doing?

And I am not the only one! The Israeli courts are flooded with similar cases against Jewish defenders of common decency.
A human rights lawyer, Barak Cohen, is being prosecuted for a song that he wrote!

What went wrong here?

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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