Sunday, June 4, 2017

I'm going to give you all a leg up and out, because I like you.

What causes a "quantum collapse" of infinite possibilities into one reality is what we want, what we honestly believe to be, what we are emotionally invested in.

We need to understand the phrase 'describe reality' correctly. We need to move from the level of thinking that when we speak honestly we are reporting about a pre-existing reality to knowing that when we speak with the best of intentions, we are creating (describing) actuality.

Many of you are describing hells for yourselves and scaring the shit out of yourselves. Many of you are describing realities characterized by despair and helplessness. The people who are the most intelligent are usually creating the most elaborate horror flicks for themselves and the most devious traps and labyrinths and all manners of manacles and gyves.

Think higher thoughts.