Thursday, June 8, 2017

What's Wrong with Learning "the Kabbalah"?

All of the writings by the male "kabbalists", if they are not specifically *moral*, are necessarily claptrap and wild imaginings, the result of attempting to understand that which cannot be understood by the mind.

The female Body, most especially the reproductive system, *is* the physical manifestation of God's Will. As things arise in the Supernal Mind and are brought to fruition, so is the Female reproductive system.

The Prophetesses are those Women who are consciously aware of this and know how to bring about Birth in accordance with their Will.

Unfortunately, most Jewish women slacked off and didn't endeavor to reach that level. So, the highest levels of Wisdom and Understanding and Knowledge were lost.

The women, having abdicated their Throne, created a vacuum, which the men tried to fill. They also figured it would give them considerable power.

But men don't have uteri. They have nothing to look into themselves that will show them how the Creation works. They are dependent upon Women to know that, but the women slacked off -as the Knowledge is very heavy to bear. So, the Rabbis tried to "understand" these processes with their minds. The result was gnostic crap like "sphirot", ze'er anpin,the "partzufim" and a bunch of other meaningless, and often foreign, terms borrowed from Aramaic or even Greek. Yes, Aramaic is a corrupted language. It's like what Spanish is to Latin - except that Latin isn't holy and Hebrew is.

Recently, Gentiles who are finding their way in Torah learning have been exposed to the concepts by irresponsible Rabbis who are trying to put on a show of being very wise in esoteric matters for them. For B'nei Noach to internalize that stuff is to drink the Kool Aid straight down without benefit of any real Torah buffer whatsoever - on an empty stomach, if you will. They don't even have the benefit of knowing Hebrew. They're going to start tripping bad.

Stay away from that stuff. It's the BZ of Judaism.

Those who learn true Kabbalah do not learn the forgery "The Zohar". They learn TaNaKH - The Torah *in Hebrew*. If a person can't get to the mystical levels of Judaism by getting it straight from The Mothers and those of their Sons who are Prophets, they won't get it at all. Worse, they will have their consciousness saturated by hallucination. Not a few who learned the fake mystical works went off the deep end.