Wednesday, March 1, 2017


TRUMAH (Contribution, Devotion, Dedication)

This is a translation of the post directly below. I am translating the meanings (the values of which are equal in Torah) into English because it's very important that these matters are understood correctly by Jews and Christians alike.

T'rumah (Contribution, Devotion, Dedication) =
= From Torah = You Are Pregnant to Me
= You Are Pregnant With the Savior
= You Are Pregnant with the Body of E-L
= HaElohim
= She Who Speaks (or She Who Is Speaking)
= Every Mother

It is high time these matters were understood correctly - by Jews and Christians alike because both are not clear in these matters.
The Jews, particularly Jewish Women, ignore the concept of Human Mothers giving birth to God's Children because they can't hack the pain, responsibility and moral exacting standards and the Christians think it's a one-off.