Tuesday, March 14, 2017

More Arrests in Israel of Activists Fight Child Trafficking but Also Good News

Immediately following President Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump vowing to take on Child Trafficking, and stating that it is an international problem, there was a wave of arrests of Activists against Child Trafficking in Israel.

The most recent arrest is by far the most stunning and will shake the State of Israel to its foundations.

The Council to the Israeli Court system, Barak Lazer, LLD, one of the most highly-positioned persons in the Management of the Israeli Court system, has been arrested and accused of leaking documents that are favorable to the claims of the Activists against Child Trafficking in Israel and unfavorable to the Social Services system and perhaps to the Courts system as well. He has been placed on house arrest.
News of his arrest, interrogation and house arrest were delayed in order not to embarrass the Israeli Courts system.