Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Decomposing and Recomposing our Bodies
and our Realities

The Hebrew Torah is the Book that teaches us how to build our Bodies. It is written in Hebrew - which is the language of the incubation of the embryos of every world. Therefore, the way in which it is learned will necessarily cause worlds to be born in accordance with the learning.

When we build our Bodies, we also create the Realities in which those Bodies will exist.

When the Rabbis interpreted the Torah as a book of law and made us believe that Torah is a book of law and believe that they interpret those (imaginary) laws correctly; they steered us to create our Bodies subject to those imaginary laws. In so doing, they created a world of slavery - with us as the driving engines of our own slavery. They fooled us into creating our Bodies such that we think we cannot escape the realities that we are in because they look as though they exist prior to us and independent of us.

The only way out of the World of Slavery that the Rabbis tricked us into creating for ourselves when they interpreted Torah as law and not as Joy is to learn Torah in Love and in Joy and look for the Love and Joy in Torah - especially where it is hidden.

When we do this, we literally decompose our Bodies and recompose them. We reinterpret and rebuild our Bodies - and therefore, necessarily, we disintegrate the old reality we lived in and reintegrate the Realities in which those happy, healthy, pure Bodies will exist.

Understand this and be free and happy and live in a Reality of Love and Joy - as HaShem wills.