Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Torah is את הרה (You are pregnant). Torah is the perpetual pregnancy of אלהים (Elohim see the word אם [Mother] in אלהים) and the perpetual Birth.

Jewish Women are supposed to be fully consciously aware of the Inception and know how to create babies at will. All of the "traditional female work": weaving, sewing, etc. are actually the ways in which a Body is assembled. For instance: The Hebrew word for tissue in the Body is ריקמה. That is the word for embroidery. We are supposed to know how to "embroider" and "weave" human tissues and organs consciously. The Hebrew word for knit is לסרוג. We can see the word רגל [leg] in it. You can also see the word גורל [lots] in it. Isn't a broken bone said to "knit"? Clearly, very, very few women have this conscious knowledge - and that is the central problem of the Jews.

Jewish men, not understanding that Torah teaches Jewish Women how to create the Body, attempted to understand the Torah with their brains. They tried to imagine with their brains what is done in the Womb. The results were, well, intellectual and sometimes even moral - but, ultimately, disastrous. The result was a lot of imaginative misunderstanding and a lot of weird ceremonies that are still re-enactments of the functions of the Body - like the weird ceremonies that were carried out in the Temple. The priests didn't understand that כהן is המעים. They wound up doing weird imaginings of what the gut does.

Most of Judaism today is the tragic/comic attempt of the Rabbis to do with their brains what is done in the Womb. It would be funny - except that it has gotten so out of hand that a lot of destruction has been wrought. The men, if you want the [גאלה = לדה, [Redemption, Deliverance] must admit that they have been presumptuous and foolish and return the Torah to Jewish Women - who are equipped to be able to actually do the Mitzvot. המצות = 541 = ישראל = אמך

You, kindly sir, cannot be a Mother. Neither could the great "Talmudic geniuses" you revere. Genius doesn't cut it when it comes to delivering live progeny. When speaking of המצות [HaMitzvot] which appeared to their minds to be ceremonial, the Rabbis were talking nonsense coming from their overactive brains.

The Mitzvot that appear to be ceremonial to men's minds are actually done in the Womb by Jewish women - not in a building made of marble. For instance: T'fillin is your somewhat whacky and definitely weird-looking interpretation of hand-eye-brain coordination. That's not how it's done in real life. It looks like some kind of children's skit to show how the brain, eyes and hands coordinate. It would be funny - but you think that's the Mitzvah. It's not. If you think it is, try doing those movements you try to pick up a penny.

Only Jewish Women can actually DO Torah - and we are supposed to know how to do it consciously, knowingly and know the secrets of Life. If you really care to mend the Creation - you need to be humble enough to recognize this truth - or there will be no גאלה for you because, well, you just can't give birth. גאלה = לדה.

פסח = 148 = נצח = נח כל יהודיה

חג פסח שמח!