Monday, April 24, 2017


The Hebrew word
תורה  [Torah] is equal to the value 611. It is equal to the Hebrew phrases You [in the feminine singular] are pregnant and those who are pregnant and She became pregnant.

The Hebrew word
עברית ]pronounced Ivreet, equally 682 – and meaning Hebrew] is equal to the Hebrew expressions Holy Embryo [עבר קדוש] and She [in the feminine singular] became pregnant [התעברה].

The Hebrew word ספר [pronounced sefer and meaning book, equally 340] is equal in value to the Hebrew expression
 [זרע נביא], which means sperm of a Prophet or [עזר נביא] which means the help of a Prophet.

The Hebrew word
נביא [pronounced Navee and equal to 63, it should sound like nativity to you] is equal to the name Chanah and to the word ובנה, [pronounced u'venah which means and her son] and also the word בונה, [pronounced boneh or bonah, meaning he or she builds. The English word bone comes from boneh and bonah. 

The name
חוה [Eve] is equal in value to the Hebrew word הוגה [pronounced hogeh or hogah and means one who meditates or learns meditatively.

The Hebrew word
להבין [pronounced LeHavin] means to understand, but it literally means to give birth. It is equal to the value 747, which is the value of זמן [pronounced z'man and meaning time] and also מקראות [pronounced mikra'ot and meaning Holy Writing].
Understanding is הבנה [ pronounce havanah and equal to 62]. It is equal in value to the Hebrew words my Son and my Children. The Hebrew word הבנות is the plural of havanah. It is, quite literally, Daughters - HaBanot.

The Hebrew word
ישועה [Yeshuah, equally 391] is equal to the expression the mouth of Woman [פה אשה]. It is also equal to the expression אשה היסוד, meaning Woman is the Foundation.

The word
המשיח [The Messiah] is equal to 363. That is equal to the expressions The Book Lives and the discussion of HaYehudiah [The discussion of the Jewish Woman]. The value 363 is equal in Hebrew to the value 1362 because א equals both 1 and 1000. The expression פרוש נכון [pronounced payrush nakhon, meaning the correct interpretation] is equal to 1362. HaMashiach is born every time a Jewish Woman is able to see and learns and internalizes the correct interpretation of Torah. The word פרוש is equal in value to the word ויעתק [which means – he will copy] and ועתקי [meaning and copy in the command form to a female]. So, HaMashiach is also He copied correctly and You [female singular] copy correctly. The Mashiach is a correctly transcribed Torah into living flesh.  

When a Jewish Woman learns and understands Torah in accordance with the Supreme Will of HaVaYaH, She becomes pregnant from HaVaYah and she gives birth to HaVaYaH.

When a Jewish Woman learn and understands the Books of the Prophets, she gives birth to Prophets.

When a Jewish Woman accepts that which is told to her by those who learn Babylonian Talmud – she becomes impregnated with the dust of Babylon and gives birth to the dust of Babylon soaked in her own blood.