Friday, April 21, 2017

The Issue of Yeshuah

The time has come to tell the Truth concerning the issue of Yeshuah.

Yeshuah is a Female concept. The Hebrew word Yeshuah is not only in the Female, the value of it equals the Hebrew expressions: Woman is the Foundation and from the Mouth of Woman. The English word issue is Yeshuah - that which is of important and that which issues forth from. Yeshuah has been mistranslated as "salvation". Actually, it is deliverance - delivery.

This is not to say that any one Woman is Mashiach (which means The Book [Torah] that is brought to Life. It means that Female *is* the Delivery and the Deliverance. There is an even more Feminine form of Yeshuah - Teshuah, which means the same as Yeshuah. The Rabbis intentionally spoke even less about Teshuah. The English word tissue comes from Teshuah – the translation of Torah (You are Pregnant) into living tissue.

I'm afraid the Christians were led astray by translation of Torah (which is equal to the expression You are pregnant) who wanted the Male to take over the Creation and eclipse the Female. Yes, Yeshuah is the deliverance of all - all issues from the Female
That presumption on the part of the Rabbis, that attempt at arrogation, brought destruction on the Jewish People for accepting it and not putting the lie to it, on the Christians who accepted as mistaken idea and made much of it - and it brought death upon everyone who encountered the deluded and arrogant idea that the Male can deliver Life.