Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Figures in Torah are Members of 
The Body

Someone mentioned that Avraham was very hospitable and full of compassion.


Of course Avraham is hospitable and full of compassion. The name
אברהם is equal to the word רחם, which means Womb and is the root of Compassion - רחמים is Wombs and Compassion. Avraham is not a person who lived long ago and far away. אברהם is the Womb. The first and last letters of the Name Avraham are aleph and mem - which spell אם - meaning Mother. It is pronounced Em. In English it is pronounced Am.
Avraham is Sarah's Womb.

The Name
אדם Adam likewise begins with aleph and mem - and so is the Mother. Same with the name אלהים - Elohim.

As for Sarah, her Name
שרה, is equal to the word גבך, which means 'your back'. She too is a Body part.

Why does Torah speak of our Body's members as being whole persons? Because Infinity cannot be divided. Each Member is a whole and wholly integrated into all the others.

Aram, where they come from
ארם is equal to אף - nose.

Torah is equal to
את הרה - which means you (in the feminine single) are pregnant.

David דוד is יד hand.

Bat Sheva
בת שבע  is יד ימין - right hand.

שמואל is שמאול - left.

Yaakov יעקב is עקבי - my heel.

Rivka  is קרבה - her innards.

Bilhah בלהה  is לבי

זלפה is tongue and mouth. It is also her heart and mouth.

לשון = 1036 =37 = ל"ז = לבה

זלפה = לשון פה = פה לבה

 רחלis הרגל - the foot.

And on and on with every part of the Body (the Temple). All of the "stories" about these figures are instructions how to build those parts of our Bodies.

It astounds me how few Jews see that. They think that Torah is a book of laws and ceremonies and that they are supposed to be spiritual.

Then they go fawning, flattering and begging to Rothschild to pay for the Temple - not understanding that they are The Temple and if they learned real Torah they would be able to build The Temple at will.

Total dissociation born of Babylonian idol worship. Dissociation is the price of idol worship. That is what it does.