Monday, April 3, 2017


The Name Elohim written with a regular mem at the end thus: אלהימ is an anagram of the word מאליה, which means from Herself.
The Name Elohim with a final mem at the end thus: אלהים is equal in value to 646, which is the term היהודיה אם or אם היהודיה - the Jewish Woman is Mother and we see the Name הויה written in the word היהודיה - which means the Jewish Woman.
The Immaculate Conception is the Jewish Woman as God becoming pregnant with HerSelf from HerSelf.
The Hebrew word for embryo is עבר, which is equal in value to הויה מדבר - HaVaYaH speaks. That is the secret of the Word of God. In the Beginning was The Word.
The resulting progeny would be Female - like Her.
And that is why the word בראשית - Bersaysheet is an anagram of אשרי בת - the Celebration of the Daughter.