Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Rituals, all rituals, and yes, I am speaking about Jewish rituals not just inclusively, but especially, are not are not wise things to do with one's Body and Consciousness for the simple reason that they install a woodenness in reality which then makes being able to bring the realities that we want into existence spontaneously next to impossible. If we are accustomed to ritual, we will think that we have to be very deliberate and formulaic to make things happen. Rituals install unnecessary drag and obsessive-compulsiveness: I must do this and then that, in this order and this way...makes things unwieldy and tense. Rituals are born of misunderstanding of Holy Writ, which is actually talking about Life Processes, not ceremonies, and they breed superstition in the mind. They also remove us from the flow of natural life.