Thursday, December 29, 2016

Our Memories and Our Imaginations

I am seeing many people baffled and troubled by noticing that their Memories and Imaginations do not work as they used to rather than celebrating this and learning how to use their Minds and Hearts on a far higher level. We should be seeing these changes and shifts as a great gift.

Please detach your memories from manufactured items. Attaching so many of our memories to items manufactured by others and scripts written by others makes the memory very vulnerable to manipulation and it is most certainly not the highest use of the Memory. Our Memory is something like a living silo of seeds. Our Memory and our Imagination are the abilities with which we shape your future. They are the seeds of our future worlds. We must know how to mix and recombine our Memories and our Imaginings if we are to master the art of Creation. We must have our Memory and our Imagination under control to live a Life of our own design in which we are Sovereign.