Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Have you heard from Rabbis that we should do the mitzvot although we do not understand them?

Of course you have. We all have. They all say that.
Run like hell from any Rabbi who tells you that he does not understand the Mitzvot.

The Hebrew word to understand is not like the English word. The root of the Hebrew word lehavin (to understand) is b-i-n - which means to bring forth progeny.
The English word been is related to this. The Hebrew root b-i-n talks about bringing forth being itself - birthing existence.

Havanah is understanding. It is equal in value to the Hebrew words b'ni and b'nei - meaning my son and my sons.

Havanot is the plural of havanah (these words are feminine, BTW). It is exactly the same letters as the Hebrew word habanot - which means the daughters.

Torah is equal to the Hebrew term you (in the feminine singular) are pregnant.

Ivrit is Hebrew. It is equal to the Hebrew terms holy embryo and she became pregnant.

The Hebrew root lamed, meaning learning, contains the word yeled - which means child. The whole purpose of learning Torah is to bring forth holy progeny - meaning a beautiful, Holy world fit for Human existence, health, happiness and holy fulfillment - which the Rabbis clearly have not succeeded in doing.
The Hebrew word HaMetziut - meaning ambient reality, is equal to the Hebrew word meaning Your Son.

The Hebrew word Yeshuah comes into English as issue - that which issues forth, that which is palpable and meaningful - meaning real, live progeny. This is not an abstract concept. It means the very quality of existence.
Yeshuah is talking about the nature of the reality that we bring into existence as a result of our learning Torah and acting in Holiness - doing HaMitzvot. It is because the Rabbis did not, and do not, bring about Yeshuah with their learning that the heresy of Christianity came into existence. Yeshu is the Rabbi's baby. Make no mistake about it. Every Jew is supposed to be HaMashiach - the living Book that brings Torah into the world in actuality. Because they do not, they made up a story about HaMashiach being one man who will come one day...some today...not today....and certainly not before they collect their speakers' fees and travelling expenses.

The Hebrew word HaMitzvot is equal to YisraEl. Any Rabbi who is saying that he doesn't understand HaMitzvot and that they are not understandable is saying that he is not able to be the Father of Israel. He is saying loud and clear that Wisdom refuses to be intimate with him because his learning is idol worship and that renders him sterile from the point of view of Torah. He is castrated from the point of view of Holiness. If you learn from him, you'll do the same to yourself.

The Hebrew proofs of what I've said here are in the post directly below.