Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I hope and pray that with HaShem's help, I've made it clear that learning, all learning, and most especially learning Torah, is not an intellectual exercise or a collecting of abstract factoids and filling one's mind with ideas – but a very real Biological Process which births our worlds into existence. Existence itself is alive – and it is pregnant, laboring and birthing continuously. 

Torah is not "spiritual" and learning Torah is not a spiritual undertaking. Learning Torah is the translation and transcription of God the Uncreated into God the Created. The spiritual is engendered only when the transcription and translation did not succeed and there has been an abortion!

Learning Torah only seems spiritual to those who have rendered themselves morally sterile and therefore cannot bring God's progeny into actual existence. Their consciousness is filled with disembodied ideas – which fester in frustration and become unclean spirits that haunt their minds and emotions.

Clean, pure and sucessful Torah learning results in pure REALITIES and ACTUALITIES.

The quality of our learning, our intentions in learning, our emotions while learning and our thoughts – all expressions of our level of moral achievement – determine the quality and nature of the realities we bring forth.

The Hebrew root S-P-R (or S-F-R in various grammatical forms) means book, number and frontier. SeFeR is Book. MiSPaR is number. S'FaR is frontier. One who learns Torah very deeply, who studies the numbers and well as the letters and writes Torah scrolls is called a SoFeR. That word is used in later Hebrew to mean any author.  One of the English etymons of the root S-P-R or S-F-R  is Spirit (and it's variants like Inspiration). These words  should not mean spiritual things, but our actual and very Breath (Brith). Another etymon of this root is SPORE.

The Hebew root S-P-R or S-F-R is equal to the value of 340. That value is equal to the Hebrew expression: the seed of a Prophet, My Son helps, and We are His Seed.

The Books of the Prophets are the SEEDS that in a mind and heart, fertile with Love and Compassion, become Holy Worlds.

Word =>World

The Words of the Prophets speak of the future in the sense that they will seed the consciousness of those who learn them in Love and Compassion. Together with those who learn them thus; the Prophets and those who love their Words will birth holy and beautiful Worlds.

We are not meant to take the words of the Prophets as a finished product and think that we can see their fulfillment in events literally any more than studying a strand of DNA is the same as seeing the actual Person or organism that is transcribed from it. The Books of the Prophets are the "DNA" of realities – not the actual realities themselves. That is why they are so inscrutable. They are not meant to be read as such – but, rather, to be transcripted in the incubation of a loving Mind and Heart and in the Hands of loving people who carry out their suggestions for moral living.

To look at events and say: Aha! That is the fulfillment of Prophecy (most especially if the events are painful and unpleasant!) is folly. To think that we can understand what a Prophet meant by reading the Book literally is to think we can see a cat by looking at cat DNA or a Person by looking at DNA in a petri dish or see a Sequoia when we see its seed. Only those who have not yet merited becoming Pregnant with the seeds of the Prophets make the error of trying to link a disastrous or troubling event to the fulfillment of Prophecy.

Prophecy is fulfilled only when the beautiful and holy things that the Prophets envisioned are realized.

Please see the post directly below for the Hebrew proofs of what is written herein.