Tuesday, May 23, 2017

It is Time to Tell the Truth about the Rabbis
Any rabbi who doesn't feel that something is wrong with what they are "learning" from the Talmud is not Israel. A true Daughter or Son of our Holy Mothers and Fathers can sense avodah zarah because we have inherited an aversion to it and imperviousness to it from them, no matter how it's dished up and no matter by whom - no matter how brilliant, convincing, charismatic or powerful they are.
The rabbis sat in Babylon - the very eponym of degeneracy, even when they were able to return to Israel. They preferred degenerate Babylon and thought they were intellectually superior to, and more sophisticated than, the Jews in Jerusalem.
They were centered in a place called Pumbditha (
פום בדית). Pum is mouth in Aramaic. Bedita means made up in Hebrew. They literally made up a new religion, preserving some elements of the true Tradition as a fig leaf and as insurance that they wouldn't completely go to hell and be lost forever.
The rabbis are the Eruv Rav. That is why they insist on being called Rav. It sounds like they're self-aggrandizing calling themselves "great", but behind that is their true identity - the Eruv Rav – the excrescence, the parasitic hangers-on.
The rabbis are heretics who rebelled against the true and ancient way. They made up their own fake religion.

They instituted Prozbul in contradiction of Torah and ever since the rich have free reign to trample on the poor. Prozbul literally means the enactment of the rich (Baal). The rabbis are the priests of Baal and we know what the Prophets have to say about that.

Torah is not a book of ceremonies. It is the Book of Life.
The rabbis engage in all kinds of idol worship and meaningless ceremonies instead of living true Torah.
The rabbis led us into exile after a horrific war with the Romans by declaring that bar Kokhvah was Mashiach. This was out and out idol worship. What kind of a Jew has a name like Son of a Star and what kind of a Jew would proclaim a ruffian Mashiach?

It was the rabbinic heresy in regard to Mashiach that spawned Christianity. Later, the rabbis' misogyny, unnecessary extremes and mixing religion with hatred spawned Islam.
The kabbalah that the rabbis teach is not the true Kabbalah. It is based on Gnosticism, is an aggrandizement of their weird ceremonies that they made up in the maw of Babylon, the pit of degeneracy, which their mouths made up in Pumbditha and their own imaginations on fire.
Their era of mayhem and wreaking destruction on the Jewish People and on the world is coming to an end. Jews are snapping out of the rabbinic trance. Their threats, arrogance and brainwash doesn't wash anymore. They are coming more and more to be taken as a sick joke.
Torah is also the Book of Yichusim - which means one's Heritage back to our very origin.
If the Rabbis are unable to find their Yichusim in Torah - which most of them cannot because they have lost the Tradition of knowing how to read Torah that way - they will not be included in She'arit YisraEl and will be permanently banished from our Inheritance.
Rabbinical heresy is a lie at base an insurrection against HaShem and a presumption of the arrogation of the gentle authority of all of our Holy Mothers, Fathers and Prophets - which is based on their impeccable Wisdom and their endless Love, not raw power, brute force or the worship of money. Thank God their horrors are coming to an end. They have brought enough misery on my People.