Friday, May 5, 2017

The Way of the Rabbis is Tried and True

The way of the Rabbis has proven tried and true for over two thousand years. It has proven itself the surest way to calamity.

It proved true to getting us into an unwinnable war with the Romans, based on a total misunderstanding of Mashiach. Those of us who were not killed or taken into slavery were sent into the Diaspora.

The way of the Rabbis proved true in keeping us in the Diaspora for two thousand years.

The way of the Rabbis has proven itself fertile. It has spawned two ugly daughter religions, both of which resemble it greatly.

The way of the Rabbis proved to be true in isolating us.

The way of the Rabbis proved true as a way of implanting thoughts guaranteed to make the Gentiles hate us – by telling us that they already did hate us, could not but hate us and were created such that they hate us of necessity – because that's just the way the Gentiles are.

The way of the Rabbis proved true in making a few very rich and impoverishing most.

The way of the Rabbis has proven true in creating marital discord and sexual dysfunction.

The way of the Rabbis proved true in bringing the horrors of the Inquisition and the Holocaust upon us –in addition to myriad other, lesser troubles, like being expelled from country after country.

And now the way of the Rabbis is proving true in getting us involved in statecraft  - with all its intrigue and moral degeneracy and ongoing warfare with the Arabs, our closest relatives.

Of course there is some wisdom in the teachings of the Rabbis. No one puts poison into a glass of vomit. It is placed in a drink that tastes sweet and might even be healthy – were it not tainted. The preferred poisons are those that have no taste of their own. So, they are not detected. One may be consuming them for a very long time, getting continually sicker, without knowing one is being systematically poisoned at all.

Enough! It is time we returned to Torah and understood that YisraEl is a blessing from the depths of our Souls for the entire Creation, not a chosen, oh-so-special way to be. That illusion has brought nothing but sorrow and calamity upon us.

Let us have compassion for the Rabbis – from a safe distance – on the path of true Torah.