Tuesday, October 25, 2016

DREAMS - There is No Need to Awaken from our Dreams Just Know That We Dream and What Is Being Effected by Our Dreaming
My Husband told me he met a brilliant little boy who placed the following conundrum and question before him:
You are running from a lion. In your panic and frenzy you do not see that you are running into a pit.
You fall into the pit, which is filled with venomous snakes.
The lion is circling the pit above.
If you stay in the pit, you will be bitten by the venomous snakes.
If you climb out of the pit, you will be eaten by the lion.
What do you do?
My Husband, as I, had trouble making a decision or planning a course of action.
The little boy answered: You wake up.
It is time to WAKE UP.

I had an experience recently that helped me to realize the depth of the dream state.
I was walking around in my apartment. Everything was normal, except I noticed that the living room was wider than I remembered it. I thought: That one detail is wrong. I'm dreaming. Wake up.
And I did.
But then when I woke, I realized that things still felt somehow unreal. I realized that I had not woken up. I was in another dream - just a dream that didn't have any tip-off, telltale signs that it too is a dream.
I tried to wake up, but couldn't. I then realized that the experience of not being able to wake up is not just a night horror that some have - it's the normal experience.
I realize I'm moving from dream to dream - but I'm taking the snakes and lions less seriously.

The Aboriginals, if I understand them correctly, know that it's all a dream - but they have learned to control the dream to their liking.

I looked deeply into the matter of dreaming and the waking state, suspending value judgments as to which state might be higher, or more desirable, while noticing that awake is an adjective, while dreaming is a verb.

The heart of the matter is this (and I will show the Hebrew proof of what I am about to say below, for those who can read it): It is in dimming, in reducing our consciousness that we are able to descend to lower forms of being: the animal world, the plant world and the inanimate world.

When we are dreaming is when we become the inanimate world. The dreams allow us to lose awareness of ourselves, but not lose awareness completely so that we may be able to emerge from the inanimate state.

The difference between being an "automaton" and being an ocean or a mountain or cosmic dust, is the awareness, when we are in Human state, that it is, in fact, we that become the lower levels of creation and, when in the Human state, to intend, when we descend to the lower levels, to be expressed in the most benevolent forms possible.

I can see that the Aboriginal Elders, at least the Shamans, are aware of this.

In Hebrew the word he dreams also means he is dreamt if the letter vav is moved to another order in the word.

We are not only dreaming and being dreamt – we are doing interactive interpretation of the dream and with the dreamer. If we know that we are dreaming and being dreamt, we can interpret more interactively and as the dream plays out in consciousness.