Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Someone said that the Natives were living in the Stone Age when the White man arrived on their shores. I understand that person's view because I too, until not very long ago, used the term "Stone Age" pejoratively – as a synonym from primitive.

Looking into MySelf deeply, this is what I saw: The Stone Age is precisely where the Words of God are written in Stone - and they are the core of our being in the phenomenal worlds.

Living as I did for most of the time I identified as Doreen cut off from my Core, I too thought that Ages were times in the "past" that were and are no more.

Gradually, I began to understand that Ages refer to deepening levels of our Being and they are eternal.

The Wisdom of the Stone Age is precisely what it is to be Aboriginal.

The Stone Age is where God becomes actual, revealed, enduring and basic. It is only when we touch the elemental part of our physical being, The Stone Age, and see that it is sacred, are we able to really and profoundly experience the Holy in the creation.

It is only when we live in the Stone Age, forever, that we are able to experience OurSelves as evolving from Stone, which is very much alive, to the next order of Life – the Plant World, then on to the Animal World and ultimately - Man.

Our Core is Stone. The Word of God is written in that Stone and it is in that Stone that we encounter the Creator.

We evolve from the Age of Stone, yes, but we must never try to remove OurSelves from it or to hover above it in arrogance and superiority. We must remain in the Stone Age eternally, even as we inhabit more integrated levels.

The Aboriginal Peoples are Aboriginal precisely because they dwell eternally in the Stone Age – even as they also evolve and change form into the configurations of those Stones that become the Living Worlds.

There is no Human more blessed than He or She who knows that the Words of God are the Elemental Stones on which all physical creation is built. That is the true meaning of God writing on the stone tablets and it is the true meaning of the building of The Temple.

Having seen that, one is filled with Gratitude and Reverence for the Keepers of the Stone Age because without them; we would not find our way back Home.

The Hebrew word for The Stone is HaEven - Heaven. In order to find Heaven on Earth (EARTH = HEART) we have to live eternally in The Stone Age, even as we advance to more integrated forms of Life. Soil => Soul. In order for the Soul to live in an Eternal Body, we must find The Stone Age within us and connect without our Ancestors there. This is what is meant by being gathered unto one's Mothers and Fathers. It is the ascent, Body as Soul, into the highest Heaven (HaEven). It is only there that we find our eternal Rest with our Ancestors. Understand this. Please.