Thursday, October 27, 2016

Please look deeply into the equivocations and ambiguities in the following sentences concerning Time and Place:

It is past your bedtime.

Your whole future lies before you.

Once upon a time there was a town here.

What is your age?

This is epic (epoch)!

Why do I always have to tell you the same thing?

Be still.

Are you still going to the game tonight?

It is very difficult to talk about time without equivocations and strange uses of the language. Those ambiguities are the gateways. It is where your mind finds a fuzziness that you can move from one time and place into others if you notice them. Accustom yourselves to moving into the equivocations.

The world the dinosaurs inhabit is becoming extinct - still. One needs to know how to walk out of that world. Don't worry that this information will "get into the wrong hands". The dinosaurs can't get through the portals. They've accrued too much mass. Just as they are extinct here and now, they are extinct on all the levels of finer mass. There are just a few dry bones there to remind us of a sad time long ago. Nothing more.