Thursday, July 28, 2016



"Thought is like a mirror. One looking at it sees his image inside and thinks that there are two images, but the two are really one." - Azriel ben Shlomo of Gerona (13th C), Perush HaAggadot, 93.

Listen to me now.

Our Lives are God's Thoughts. God meditates so deeply and so powerfully that the Thoughts live. We, all of us, are Thoughts that God entertains. We are God's *Deliberations*.

Being God's Deliberations, and being able to think and speak ourselves, we have the right, and even the duty to deliberate back to God.

You see, we are not just intellectual Thoughts. We are Thoughts that can Feel. The fact that we can Feel the results of the Thoughts gives us the right to say to God: Hey! This hurts! or Hey! This Thought should become Eternal because it is very pleasant and causes much Joy.

Our world is ephemeral and constantly changing because these Thoughts have not yet been ratified and made Eternal. They are still under deliberation and we have the right to input because these Thoughts impact on our Feelings.

Instead of understanding our Lives as givens, we can understand them as Pre-Views. Nothing here is Eternal. It is all tentative.
Therefore, we are able to rise to the level "before" the Creation, when all is under consideration (which it actually is) and say: Please, make this real and Please, do not make this real.