Sunday, July 17, 2016


There are many people whose Eyes are tired. They have seen too much suffering and do not understand the purpose of it all, or even if there is a purpose. They are tired of seeing one horror after another.

I am going to tell you the truth about what is called Yeshu'ah in Hebrew - the Redemption. Some call it Salvation, but Redemption is more correct.

The highest purpose of our Eyes is not to see. Sight serves a higher purpose. Everyone and everything that our Eyes fall upon we will redeem and bring up to it's highest levels.
We will eventually learn how to use our Eyes properly so that the light issuing from and returning to our Eyes will elevate the Creation.

All of that heavy, dense, dark, murky matter will be cleansed and, though it will remain matter, it will be as pure as the Light of Wisdom and Understanding.

The same is true of our Ears and Everyone and everything we have heard or received report of.

Our Body is the suffering servant that is ultimately redeemed and ascends into the highest Heaven. That is the case in this world, but it need not be so. We can ascend from Joy to still greater Joy.

This is the truth of the matter of Yeshu'a.

Please God, I'll have the Hebrew proofs of this up soon.