Monday, July 11, 2016

In the End of Your Days
In the end of your days, you will have gained such exquisite control over the movements of your eyes and the ether that issues from your nose and your mouth when you breathe and when you speak that you will create in accordance with your highest Will.

You will know how to form the image that you see in your highest and most cherished vision for the Creation in your pupils and how to send that image forth in the beams that issue from your eyes.

The light that issues from your eyes, will interact with the vapor in your breath, which you will send out with every Blessing, and they will take on beautiful forms.

You will choose not to know exactly what forms the light and vapor that issues from you will take on so that your Children will have freedom to form themselves as they will and so that they may have the joy of surprising you.
The gentle light, in tender love, that will issue from your eyes will be the light of each dawn and the vapor from your breath will be the mist of the early day.
The sun, you will know, is your minister and the light you have formed in your heart, and which you have issued from your eyes in tender love and mercy, will strengthen throughout the day.

At the apex of the light of the sun of each day, your issue, that is every material, every phenomenon and every event will reach their pinnacle and their fulfillment.

In the evening, your Children will return to you, tired and happy and fulfilled and they will report what they have learned to you. And they will sleep a deep and sweet sleep, so that they may come to life again with the dawn of the new day and take on still higher, still more beautiful, forms on the morrow.

You will have Joy and Peace from all that issues from you and you will not fear for them because you will know that they were conceived in your highest Love and issued in your strong Blessings and they will be safe and they will return home fulfilled and happy.

This is the secret of the World that is entirely Shabbat Shalom.